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A photo treasure: Vintage lingerie from the 1960s

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Vintage underwear, a treasure of photos from the basement

The other day I was searching through old boxes in the basement and stumbled upon a real gem; old black & white photographs of our lingerie products from the 1960s. So much fun to look at and compare both products as well as photograpy style to how it looks today.

Vintage foto bh 1960

Everyone here at the office fell head over heels in love with them. Such a gorgeous 60s vibe with the hairdo and genuine bullet bras.

trofeig Vintage lingerie

After a quick Q&A at the office among my colleagues, none of us became any wiser regarding the exact year or the name of the photographer. Judging by style our guess is mid 60s. We started manufacturing bras 1962. If anyone of you know who the photographer were, let us know.

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