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A Striped Success – The Story of Laila.

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The underwire bra Laila is our most beloved and best selling bra of all time. Year after year, women have returned for new trendy season colours. Six years after its original premiere date, and millions of sold bras, Laila has been launched in 20 over colours. So wha makes Laila such a standout? We divulge into everything you ever wanted to know about everyone’s striped favourite.

Recently we were contacted by a woman who had owned Laila in every colour editions it had ever been released in, except for one – a bottle green shade – that she had missed and wondered if she wpuld be in such luck that perhaps we still had one available in her size. Unfortunately, we did not, which was almost painful having to inform her. But non the less what a nice compliment this was! It is probably the most flattering thing you can hear as a company. Thank you so very much, Kina from Falkenberg, we really appreciate it.

en randig succé historien om laila

 Laila has been available in almost 20 colour editions since its launch in 2011.

So what is it that makes Laila so popular?

Judging from the feedback we have received, we are now able to say  it’s the fit and comfort. It’s like a second skin.

Over a year prior to the launch of the first Laila bra, we decided that we would create an affordable underwire bra with a perfect fit, trendy yet timeless, and suitable for young and old.

Our aim was that whether you were 20 or 70, it would be your best friend in your wardrobe. It had to be an amazing everyday bra, not too sexy, but also not boring. Should you change in public in a bath house or at the gym, you would always feel impreccably stylish and ”dressed up” (well, as dressed up as you are able to feel, wearing only a bra and panties).

Historien om laila bygel-bh

Laila underwire bra in Old Rose, the new colour this autumn.

The beloved fit

Before we even started working out the aesthetic details, we had to find the fit. And it had to be amazing. A comfortable underwire bra. That was goal number one.

It may seems like a bra is easy to design and create,  but fact is that there are so many contributing factors involved in creating a good bra. Did you know, for instance, that a standard underwire bra consist of between  30-35 parts? Each part affects the fit. There’s also quite the difference making an A-cup in size 65 than it is in size 95. Furthermore, an F-cup requires completely different construction demands than an A-cup does.

We wanted molded cups with comfortable padding, strong enough to be supportive as well as providing the perfect round shape, but thin enough so it wouldn’t feel thick or clumsy.

Laila i närbild

The molded cups with underwire

One of the most common reasons we are told by women who prefer lounge bras is that they don’t like underwire bras because they don’t like the feel of the actual underwire, they feel it constricts them or poking into their body.

All bodies are differently shaped and the relationship we have with our bras are highly personal and individual.  Ask two women who have the same bra size to wear the same bra model, and you may hear two vastly differnet experiences, depending on the shape and angle of their rib cage. There’s not a single bra model that fits all body types and personalities. But we wanted to create a bra that could be enjoyed by a majority.  So we tried, and measured, and fitted, and then started over again. And again. But finally we were happy, and after much feedback from customers, we may even say we nailed it.

Creating Stripes

After we had the fit and shape in place, it was time for the aesthetics – the impression Laila would give, the feel it would generate, and its emotional connection. Our designteam opted for stripes. Stripes are generally perceived as fresh, young and timeless, and that was the impression we wanted Laila to give.

We also made the shoulder straps in stripes, which was not only for aesthetic reasons. Laila has sewn shoulderstraps, meaning the straps have an extra layer of fabric, giving it more support (and comfort!) and lessen the chance of losing the elasticity over time.

laial bygel-bh i marin

Navy  was the first colour of Laila at the time of its launch back in  2011. 

The thin jaquard fabric was chosen for its lovely feel, the material is so soft and comfortable that it becomes like a second skin. This jaquard quality has also contributed into making the Laila panties into our best selling hipster. It’s actually also my own personal favourite. I may not own as many copies as Kina from Falkenberg does, but it is probably half a dozen. And that’s not shabby.

Laila became a top seller already in its first season during the summer of 2011. It was well received by both shops and women. The first colours were navy blue and pastel pink. It was only the following season, Autumn Winter 2011, that it became available in black and white. The Black and White, along with Skin (that came in 2014) are now staples in our Running Products collection.

During its first season Laila was available in up to D-cup, but after the customer request we also launched it in the E-cup the following year.


Laila blossoms into Laila Flora

What’s happening next to Laila? This fall Laila is available in two gorgeous trendy colours, Old Rose and Dusky Lilac, both in a trendy misty shades thet breath understated elegance.


Laila Flora Underwire bra & hipsters

Laila Flora med ros print tryckt på den randiga jaquarden. Från Höst Vinter 2017 kollektionen.

In addition to its two new colours, we’ve also released Laila reinvented as Laila Flora. Same fit, same comfortable feel, same stripe, but with a gorgeous floral pattern of hollyhocks and roses. We hope you’ll love it as much as Laila. In an upcoming blog entry we’ll divulge into all that is Laila Flora and how we created its floral print. Stay tuned!

One thing is for sure and that is that we haven’t seen the end of Laila. The stripes may not always be there in future editions but tha perfect fit will remain unchanged,

PS! We have a great surprise next spring for all of you Laila fans.

Until then, we hope you will feel as Wonderful Underneath, as we aim for you to do.

By Annica Svensson

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